Monday, 16 September 2019

Dodo Pizza Coventry | Gifted

Pizza? On a Monday evening?! What a typical day. It would usually be Pizza on Fridays or Saturdays, but I guess it's pizza any day really. A good pizza meal would lift up Monday as I cannot stand the first day of the weekday, with a passion. Not my favourite day at all.

Anyways, I've always wanted to try a new pizza place and order a pizza meal, including sides and drinks. The two large pizzas I originally ordered was Dodo Pepperoni and Chicken BBQ. The sad news is...they haven't got any more chicken to make Chicken BBQ pizza (absolutely gutted!). However, I decided to pick my second large pizza which was Stranger Things, including ham, pineapple, mozzarella and marinara sauce.

                                                                 Two Large Pizzas 
Dodo Pepperoni

Stranger Things

This has always been one of my favourite pizzas as since childhood because pineapples and ham toppings are included. I just don't understand why people don't accept that pineapple goes on pizza. IT'S ACCEPTABLE and that's the fact. But, everyone's opinion on this pizza topping is different.

Sides - Four pieces of Garlic Bread

Drink - Pepsi

If you want to try out Dodo Pizza, click here to have a look at what they have and the great deals that they offer and you really admire it, you're free to order you pizza, sides, dessert and drink of your choice. The Delivery and Takeaway Deals are also there to look out and see what they offer. Students who are studying in colleges and universities in Coventry, you can use 20% off deal for any order  above £15. Not only students based on studying within the city, but if you're a student who lives in Coventry but studying in another city across the UK, you still get to use 20% off deal. The deal for Dodo Pizza is perfect for students within Coventry during studying, during lunch, even before a fresher's night out with friends. Other than that, they cater for everybody within the city.

Overall, I enjoyed the pizza meal from Dodo Pizza, especially the garlic bread. The delivery arrived before the expected time and here was me thinking "who could that be?" Excellent customer service as they phoned me if there are any problems. Regardless of not being able to order the Chicken BBQ, the whole food had its best quality and it was mouth-watering, I could even have it again. I rate Dodo Pizza 5/5 as I will positively be ordering from them again when I return home from university.

If you haven't had pizza from Dodo Pizza, I would recommend it, especially when there's excellent meal deals.

C x

Monday, 26 August 2019

LISBON April 2019

I know it's been four months late to write this blogpost but...I couldn't believe this was my last college trip abroad as it's was my last year of studying at college...
I'd hope to get an opportunity like this again when I move onto university. 
So then on the first week and the first day of April, us Art & Design and Graphics students travelled to Lisbon within the early hour. Never guess what though, I didn't sleep until I got on the coach to Luton Airport, and in the flight to Lisbon.

As I got to Lisbon, it honestly felt like I was in another country, a very different atmosphere to the UK, and the weather was mixed, warm, breezy, with sunshine...and there was rain on the last two days. Comparing to the UK weather, it was much better and much warmer as well. I just couldn't believe that I was there when I first arrived.

The architectures within Lisbon was based on pastel coloured buildings, old fashioned and modern buildings (referring to MAAT Museum). I was totally living for the graffitis on the outside walls, so colourful and artsy, it was another reason why I wanted to go Lisbon.
Shopping is another thing, clothes shopping and souvenirs. During free time, me and my friends would go round the city to look around clothes such as Pull & Bear, Bershka, Zara's, H&M etc.


There were varieties of eating places, especially Burger King, Starbucks, even McDonalds. During those days, I've eaten at a noodle place that's within the food court Wok to Walk. A pastry shop is where my tutor recommended me to try Pastel de nata, a custard egg tart dusted with cinnamon. My thoughts on this? It was delicious. I especially had another one during a museum visited and when I was leaving to go back to the UK.
If you haven't tried Pastel de nata, I would recommend it.

Oh and I had ice-cream from a gelato shop on a second day...obviously delicious. Vanilla, Cinnamon and Stracciatella. This is a must have them again.

Finally, another of my favourite part going into Art Museums...

This caught my eye as I'm routing towards Graphic Design, this involves typography, and behind the quotes, there are various of bright colours, primary, secondary and bits of tertiary colour. The quote says; "What the work of art looks like isn't to important. It has to look like something if it has physical form. No matter what form it may finally have it must begin with an idea. What the work of art looks like isn't too important" 
I genuinely feel that this quote may repeat itself over again. 

These three flower statues caught my eye the most as they are bright and colourful to look at. Honestly, it made me extremely happy when I first saw all of the different kinds of flowers.

My photography skills though...on point. 

In my honesty, I generally do not have any favourites the art museums that I've visited but I found majority or the galleries from each museum highly spectacular, especially Paula Rego's work. Rego's work is very authentic and has both surrealistic and realistic styles. Colourful and vibrant. Very creative.

This painting was realistic and I thought it was a beautiful painting.
Facts: Majority of her paintings were created within the 1980s.

Me looking at artworks from museums inspires me to continue with drawings and improving my creativity skills even more. Art is my thing, art is what I love, art is a form of expression. This was a good opportunity for me to go on this trip to look at art galleries.

Here are the last few of my favourite works from other artists that I saw in the museums, not only fine art but graphics and photography;

Overall this has been the best trip so far as I got to travel around the city with trams and train, although the trams were crowded where too many people came on. Otherwise, it was one of the best experiences I've had this year, the ride felt like a rollercoaster.

So that's all folks! If you haven't been to Lisbon, I would recommend it. On a whole, this trip  has been the best experience since I've travelled to Almeria for Summer 2018.

Those three years at college not only gave me a chance to go on trips within the UK and Abroad, but gave me a chance to find the right path of what art subject I really should be going for in September and to be influenced by many other artists that comes to my mind.

Monday, 15 July 2019

Final Year at College

So, I have finally finished college for good with a full extended diploma, meaning my college life is over, sadly, but it's time for me to move on to a new adventure.
But was my final year of Art and Design Level 3 very crucial? Of course it was, very crucial that it was the final steps before going to university in September 2019.

How was my final year?

My final year had the combination of stressful, tiring and enjoyable as there were huge amount of coursework and written work involved. Loads of sketching, experimentation and final pieces to produce within each project that I was focusing on to get the good marks I wanted. This final year was basically about focusing on myself, applying for university on UCAS, Student Finance, Disability Student Allowance and...doing well so that I get a place in the university of my choice. All of that was very tough.
I personally felt that I was more chilled out this year, less stressed and focused more, especially deadlines compared to last year. My final major project was difficult to do as I had very complex ideas, but weeks later I decided to focus on portrait photography by using colour gels, photomanipulation and oil paintings. That was much easier for me to do, although I could have done better  with the paintings as they were less successful than my photography.
Overall, my final year at college was brilliant as I got to learn new things based within the art subjects, for instance; Graphic Design and Illustration, Printmaking (monoprints and lino prints) and interior architecture. Did I really enjoy interior architecture? hell no, I did not, I struggled so badly, that's how I knew that it wasn't the best course for me to pick for university. But on the Graphics and Illustration side, I really enjoyed using computers to do a lot of editing and image making, which is why I've chosen to study Graphic Design.

This academic year has been pretty crazy, the amount of friends I've made this year and the amount of people I still talk to and hang with. Even meeting new people from the Lisbon trip in April. In life, everywhere you go, you meet different people. Similar to last years, there was less drama. Not going to lie, there were bits of confusion and paranoia but otherwise, everything was good. I've even met a lot of acquaintances that I get along with, and tolerating other people without either being friends or enemies. Although, I could thank everyone, including my family, tutors and support worker from college for giving me the support through tough times and coursework for three years, especially my maths resit too.

University and New Beginnings

University will be a whole new level of stress when the coursework and deadlines hits you, but although I feel that I'm going to enjoy it! I have a whole new experience waiting for me. I even cannot wait to get out of the current city that I'm living in to move into another, a new start, a fresh beginning. Just to leave the negative past where it actually is and move on. I also can't wait to meet new people that I'm going to study with, live with and have banter with for 3 years, even in society clubs. I especially can't wait to study a new course and learn more of Graphic Design, hoping that I could bring what I've learnt from college into University. Knowing there will be breakdowns and tears, I will need to stay strong. Just a tip for myself: never leave things till last minute!!
So September, here I come! Goodbye College, Hello Uni.

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Living with Autism

"Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" - Dr Seuss

Hey guys, it has been few months of not uploading a new blogpost and it's late as I was so busy with family and coursework. So as it's Autism Awareness Month, I want to try and open up on how living with Autism has affected me.
Well, this is quite a difficult topic to talk about on my blog but it’s something that I wanted to share for a long time, especially it's my first blogpost in 2019. The reason why I wanted to share my experience living with ASD was because I had friends that lived with the diagnosis for years or has been diagnosed with it late, even those with Asperger's Syndrome, PDD-NOS (Pervasive Development Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified) and ADHD. However, it's not something that I suffer from, it's a diagnosis I live with throughout my life. 

At the age of 10, I found out that I had been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at the early age but in real sense, I was born with it and my mum have been looking for every kind of help she could find to help and support me. This also meant that I had difficulties in learning and understanding the complexity within the subjects I was focusing on (Maths, English and Science), I always get lower marks. I would also find difficulty in understanding and combining the information from two or more senses simultaneously. This had always upset me because I thought everyone who got the highest marks in their tests were smarter than I am. 
Not to mention, that my speech was delayed until at the age of seven, meaning I had to attend speech therapy to improve my communication skills.
Another thing you may know about me is that I am a very emotional person, and I experience anxiety. I also tend not to show empathy towards people within situations, however it's not intentionally. There's more I could explain about myself, and it's that I don't know how to deal with certain situations, for instance; when two friends fall out and you don't know which to hang with, but it's not like I want to take sides, leaving me torn between them. 
I tried to be normal like other people, but I was my own self, different to other people in primary, yet again, I had friends at school, who knows and understand why I behaved differently to other people at school.

When I moved to secondary school, I wanted to go into the same school as my primary school friends but my mum thought it would be at its best interest for me to study at a special school for students with ASD/ Asperger's Syndrome with learning and communication difficulties. A school for gifted students and this school brought the best out of me and I can never thank my mum enough for making that decision.
Through year 7 to year 12, I had my struggles, but it made me become who I am as a person, and a better person, my English has improved massively, but I still have difficulties with speaking and explaining complex subjects, up until now. My interaction with friends has also improved massively. It isn't easy living with this mental health condition. Even though I loved and hated school...if I didn't go to that very school, I wouldn't have got the help and support through my learning and the good grades I wanted for my GCSEs. This was the part where I've learned how to function my disability at the end of my school years.

Through my college years, I had made a huge improvement on my learning through maths resit and Art and Design course. This is my third and last year at college and from Level 2 Art to Level 3. Who would ever thought a girl born with autism would be a student representative in my course year, yes that's me, I did it. Who knew, I would pass the november resit Maths GCSE? I got through it. Who knew this would be my last year at college before going to university? I got an unconditional offer in one of the best universities within the UK.  This comes to show that despite having autism, this will never stop me from achieving my goal.

Twenty years and I look back at the past. That past I had, either positive or negative had made me realised that I came a long way through wellbeing and learning, especially meeting people who will either understand or not. As much as I haven't believed in myself in years, I picked myself up and worked hard for myself and get the support I need from tutors, families and friends and I couldn't thank them enough for it too. Personally, being surrounded with positive vibes has helped me recently to get me where I am and I smile so much more than I used to at school, my thoughts changed gradually into something positive, to make the negative energy disappear. Now I know that I am getting the self love back, in slow progress, regardless of my disability and the past. May my past-self be left behind and focus on the present and future.

To anyone that's living with ASD/ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome or any other disability, you are smart, intelligent and amazing in so many different ways, even gifted, never let people tell you different because you can achieve something in life if you put your mind to it, through support from family members and friends as well. So don't let people put you off from doing what you love and focusing on what you want to achieve in life, especially wanting to further your education and focusing on getting a career you wanted. Remember to give yourself a break too and be your own priority, meaning look after yourself, especially loving yourself for who you are. Just because you have a learning difficulty or communication difficulty doesn't mean that you are stupid, like it's okay to learn and research things as every year goes by, nobody in this world stops learning in life. Another thing...never, ever focus on other people's opinion about you because you are unique.
Uniqueness within personality and appearance is much cooler and better than being the same as everybody else.

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

How I edit my Instagram Photos


What I genuinely love about using social networking sites such as Instagram and Tumblr is editing photographs that is either mine or a picture I have found from either Pinterest or Google Images that is linked to the aesthetic style. So you want my real honesty here guys...I strongly prefer Instagram to Facebook, so much fun to use, even though I still use Facebook, I personally find it quite boring. 

Moving on to how I edit my photographs then sharing it on Instagram, I would use this app VSCO (one of the best photo editing apps in my opinion and one of my favourites).

The filter I had used was the A6 and I reduced it to +9.0 so that the filter is not too deep (well it looks like it has so much contrast to it). To reduce the brightness on this photo, I decrease the exposure to -1.4 so that is has a quite darker atmosphere within the image. 

Here's more filter reducing here. Next I slightly decrease the contrast to -0.5 and the temperature to -0.6 so that it is less warmer.  

Finally, I increased both Tint and Grain up to +2.0. The purpose of this was just to show a bit of a retro styled image I created. 


Here's the final outcome of my edited photo for Instagram!
Another tip: If I feel that the photograph I edited is too bright or dark, I would change the exposure by adjusting the lighting of the image I took, especially a selfie of me.

Why did I choose this image of the autumn leaves? Well here's the short story guys, you would all know that I love the fall season more, like love the breeze, the leaves changing colours, its just so beautiful to look at really.  The fact I used this filter was to bring out the colours and the contrasts of the trees and leaves.

There are more photo editing apps other than VSCO I would recommend such as:

  • Adobe Photoshop Express
  • Lightroom
  • HUJI (Something I would use in some occasions, not always, however a good app to use for retro kind of filter in my opinion)
  • Snapseed (Great App to use)
If I'm being honest here, if I wanted to edit the image slightly a bit more, I would edit on Instagram by using the tools before posting it. (The reason why I don't use the Instagram filters is the fact I prefer the VSCO filters much more, plus I don't like the insta filters as well so...)

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this blogpost and hope you quite get the idea of how I try to keep my feed aesthetic.

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Fall Outfit + Faux Fur Jacket

Outfits from Primark and H&M

Mustard Yellow Faux Fur Jacket (Primark) - £18.00
Black Cordroy Button Skirt (Primark) - £8.00

Outfit worn: 13/09/2018

Where did I get the aesthetic autumn fashion inspiration from? I'll tell you right now...I used Pinterest to collect aesthetic images as an inspiration - (thank you Pinterest, don't know what I could do without you!)

On the whole, I really liked the way I did a triple combination of a White/Black T-shirt, Black Cordroy Skirt and Mustard Yellow Faux Fur Coat because it fits within the fall fashion and has a similar style to a grungy look too. The Faux Fur Coat is very cosy to wear during both autumn and winter term, you could actually tell by the soft and fluffy texture. Mustard Yellow became my favourite colour earlier this year as the colours are autumnal based - also summer based too.

My advice:

Always wear tights if you are wearing a skirt just in case the temperature outside is cold. Also, just in case it rains, I would personally not wear faux fur materials as it's not made for wet conditions.

Hope you all enjoyed this blogpost as you haven't seen any fashion related post of me in a long time. If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to ask.

C x

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Almeria, Spain 2018

I always hear that Spain is a brilliant place to visit, I agreed after going to Almeria. Spain is generally a beautiful place to visit, with wonderful atmosphere, the tropical weather with breeze and a  sun, and also hearing the beautiful Spanish language and their accents.

What I enjoyed the most?

Before arriving to Almeria, I enjoyed the flight, two and a half hours to get there, looking out the window to see the clear blue sky and the white clouds above it. The people within the Thomas Cook flight was very friendly and helpful towards the passengers, especially towards younger children.

However, my time in Almeria was enjoyable because it was a chilled holiday and the atmosphere is wonderful, especially being at a beach. The tropical weather was just great and relaxing, although the temperature was scorching hot, like it was during the heatwave within the UK. Walking into the sea felt good, however it was too cold to swim in the water so I just walked. The wind caused the waves to become vigorously strong, but it was chilled to watch while on the beach. Speaking of being at the beach, there was a mixture of sand and pebbles (I personally thought it was going to be sandy, not mostly pebbly. I truly did not sign up for that!)  but overall I had a good time there.

The restaurant was pretty good, I liked the buffet that they had during through breakfast to dinner. The desserts looked very appetizing, including the fruits too. There was a dress code for the evening dinner to dress quite smart/casual. The waiters and the chefs were very easy-going and welcoming towards the guests who were staying at the hotel.

I loved the nights walks after dinner, the fresh air was needed, even though the temperature was slightly chilly but warm. Going to the shops to look around is one of my favourite things to do when I'm on holiday, especially during night times.

What I didn't enjoy?
One thing that I disliked was the fact there was no boiling kettle in the hotel room I were staying in.
The upsetting thing was that I came down with a cold and an awful cough, even before I travelled to Almeria and during my stay. Although, it got better each day while I was there.
Nonetheless, I enjoyed my holiday in the sun.

I wholly enjoyed Almeria in general, I thought it was a good for me to get out and travel again this year because I wanted to explore more places within the world. Though it was my first visit to Spain. I'm glad that this experience had came to me and to give myself a break. It was worth it during my five-day stay. Next thing you know, I may be travelling to Lisbon with my college course next year.

I would like to visit Tenerife, Majorca, Barcelona, Madrid or any other cities or islands of Spain because it is such a beautiful place to visit during holidays.

This was the best sunset photograph I had taken before I even went to go have my dinner.

As you can see my love for photography, I take numerous of shots, such as the beach, oceans, souvenir items, drawings of Justin Bieber, palm trees, sunrises and sunsets.

Sunrise photograph with silhouette of palm trees.

Thank you for reading my holiday blogpost, I hope you all enjoyed it so much. I also hope you all had a good summer holiday as well! 😃

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